CO2 ambitions

Facilicom Group aims to be the first large organisation in the Netherlands to be CO2 neutral by 2030. This ambitious target was formulated in 2017. It means we are twenty years ahead of the targets set out in the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Custom solutions and business cases

To identify CO2-reducing measures, we will be preparing customised reports. The basic principle is to implement measures that contribute to the target and which also have a sound business case. It enables us to realise a significant proportion of our CO2 ambition cost-neutrally. We also take our sustainability ambition into account when renting or purchasing new locations.

Energy policy and management

Facilicom Group has taken an integral approach throughout the organisation to the issue of energy management as part of the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). The Facilicom Solutions division has developed an energy-management system that contributes to energy saving and therefore to reducing CO2 emissions.

Our energy policy has been drawn up according to the principles of Trias Energetica. This means that first of all we reduce our energy consumption and emissions as much as possible, while ensuring that the energy we need is generated in a sustainable way. Our remaining energy needs will be met from fossil sources. To achieve our ambitions, we will procure 100% sustainably generated electricity, gas and heat. We will also generate our own energy on a large scale using wind turbines, solar parks, heating plants and thermal energy storage (TES). This will be combined with the use of storage facilities, such as batteries.