Happy People

Happy people make happy people - this is Facilicom Group’s new slogan and we will be using it from now on to present ourselves. It puts our own employees in the starring role, which is actually very logical. Our mission is to create an inspiring living environment for organisations where they can make a difference, every day:

Incluzio’s healthcare providers, Trigion’s security staff and Breijer’s technical specialists. Every day, more than 26,000 employees, on behalf of Facilicom, are doing their job very happily and with plenty of dedication and expertise. And everything we work hard to accomplish, we are actually doing for...people. Facilicom Group has been a family business since its foundation (in 1966!) and this take on matters truly reflects our core values. It’s exactly what we want this new slogan to express and emphasise about Facilicom Group.

Our mission: An inspiring living environment

The slogan Happy people make happy people is not an isolated slogan; it is, in fact, closely linked to Facilicom Group’s mission: Working together on an inspiring living environment for everyone. It also answers the question: “Why do we do what we do and what makes us a cut above the rest?” This mission is our compass: it forces us to double-check our choices and encourages us to keep on innovating too, which is fitting for Facilicom, as we are the market leader and a major employer.

The Boards of all our separate divisions were involved in writing this mission statement, which means that it is both a common goal and a powerful promise. And to be honest, that makes us very happy.

If you would like to know more about our mission and values, go to the pages Mission and Our Values.