General management

Facilicom is an autonomous family business without any external equity providers. The company is managed by the Governing Board in accordance with the model of a one tier board. The shareholders are represented in the Governing Board. Its seven members include four non-executive members and three executive members.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manages the company and consists of three persons, namely Geert van de Laar, Martine Geurts and Maartje Bouvy.

Hans Gennissen - Chairman Governing Board

Drs. Hans Gennissen (1960) is the Chairman of the Governing Board of the Facilicom Group. Gennissen was one of the founding fathers of the multi-services concept, which has been the most distinguishing feature of the company with all its facilities services divisions. Thanks to a good balance between an integrated approach and the specialisations of the different divisions, Facilicom was able to develop into today’s leading facilities services provider. Gennissen’s experience with Facilicom, then called Gom, started very early in his career - while he was still studying Business Administration, in fact. After his graduation, he was given the assignment to integrate the company Breijer Bouw en Installatie, which had just been taken over, into the group. He developed Breijer from a local maintenance company into an all-round construction and contracting company with subsidiaries across the Randstad area.

In 1991, he was appointed deputy general manager of the Facilicom Group. Between 2001 and 2016, Gennissen held final responsibility at Facilicom. Hans Gennissen is married with three children and lives in Rotterdam.

Geert van de Laar - CEO

Geert van de Laar (1959) is the CEO of the Facilicom Group. At the University of Applied Sciences for Hospitality Education in Maastricht, Geert van de Laar studied Institutional Management. In 1981, he started his career with the Hodon Group, as management trainee Cleaning. For three years, he was responsible for a number of major cleaning projects in Amsterdam.

In 1984, he became head of Civil Matters at the Bergweg hospital in Rotterdam. As client, he was responsible for the outsourcing of cleaning and security, and the privatisation of the hospital laundry services. In 1989, he made the switch to the Facilicom Group.

Until 1995, he was district director in the district of South Netherlands, responsible for all of the company’s services in that area. In 1996, Geert van de Laar was appointed operational director at the head office in Schiedam. Subsequently, he became general manager of the cleaning services division in the Netherlands. In 2005, he switched to Trigion, where he worked as a general manager until his switch to the Facilicom Group Management Board in 2011.

Geert van de Laar has been CEO of the Facilicom Group since 01 July 2016. Geert van de Laar is in a relationship and lives in Zwijndrecht.

Martine Geurts – Vice-chairman Governing Board and Vice-CEO Facilicom Group

Drs. Martine Geurts (1962) is vice-chairman of the Governing Board and vice-CEO of Facilicom. After her studies Business Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam and a position with Arthur Andersen, Martine Geurts joined the Facilicom Group (then Gom Bedrijfsdiensten) in 1988. She became responsible for the standardisation of the business processes and, consequently, the introduction of quality systems at the divisions. After this, she became manager of the Shared Services Centre of the Facilicom Group.

In 2004, she was appointed vice-CEO. Her main areas of attention are the P&O and CSR policies and the efficient organisation of the supporting processes such as the shared service centre. Together with her brother, Martine represents the shareholders in the company’s board. Martine Geurts is married with three children and lives in Rotterdam.

Maartje Bouvy - CFO Facilicom Group

Maartje Bouvy (1972) is CFO of the Facilicom Group. Maartje studied Business at Nyenrode University and then Economics and Law at VU University Amsterdam. She also successfully graduated from the Executive Master in Finance & Control programme at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

She began her career at Unilever, where she held various financial positions. After a period as CFO with Royal Haskoning and then with NetCo (part of KPN), the last four years were spent with Rituals Cosmetics Enterprise. 

Walter Geurts – Member Governing Board

Drs. Walter Geurts (1958) is a non-executive member of the Governing Board. After his Business Administration studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Walter held various positions at the Facilicom Group, particularly in the fields of commerce and takeovers. As a non-executive board member he is currently involved in participating interests and strategic affairs at the company.

Together with his sister, Walter represents the shareholders in the board. Walter is married with two children and lives in Rockanje.

Ab Pasman – Member Governing Board

Drs. Ab Pasman (1950) is a non-executive member of the Governing Board. After his Business Administration studies at Erasmus University, he carved out a career at Philips, where he held demanding positions in the fields of marketing and general management. He then became chairman of the Board of Directors of Grolsch, a listed company, until it was taken over by SAB Miller. As a non-executive, Mr Pasman fulfils positions at Accell Group NV, Berenschot and Westland Kaaspecialiteiten BV (also a large family business) among others.

Ab and his wife have two children and live in Almelo.