Practising what we preach

So, what are we actually doing?

CSR is a term that covers a host of meanings, which is why we are developing a host of activities.

Our CO2 footprint

We can reveal our efforts effectively with our CO2 footprint. We use energy mainly for our own buildings, for our cars that are out on the road and for our cleaning products. We aim to reduce CO2 by 5% a year, a figure we have achieved - and exceeded - by using less gas for our own buildings. Our head office already has an EPA label of A++, which represents a minimal consumption, and reducing the number of branches has also helped.

We only use cars with A, B or C labels to transport our people. Now, 99% of our fleet has such a label; in fact, more than half our vehicles have the greenest label. Fast electric scooters are an effective means of transport and can replace cars in busy town centres. Nonetheless, ‘transport’ still has room for improvement. Although CO2 emissions have dropped, they still don’t meet our target - even though it can be explained by the fact that Facilicom Group’s growth has led to an increase in the number of company cars.

Waste and cleaning products

As far as waste is concerned, we have noticed that the returns generated by separating waste are many times higher than from reducing it. By actively reducing the amount of residual waste even further, we are left with a larger percentage of material that is suitable for recycling. It is a development that we, together with our clients, are converting into challenging concepts. At the Facilicom Group, much-used items such as bin liners are already part of the circular economy and one of our most important criteria for detergents is that they must be environmentally friendly.


People make Facilicom. That is why we provide the best possible working conditions wherever we can, especially in divisions where the physical workload is heavy. For us, people’s health has a priority, so we design programmes to guarantee that our staff can stay in employment for longer. We also appreciate and encourage their personal growth: anyone who can realise his or her full potential has more job satisfaction and will manage to stay at their job longer. People who have less chance of finding employment often excel in divisions like Gom Schoonhouden, where they can work at their own level.


As we have more than 32,000 employees, we are, of course, a visible player in the Netherlands - one that likes to be seen as promoting social initiatives. We are not famous for sponsoring large national events because we prefer to be associated with small-scale social projects that are local - and inspirational - to us.