Family business

A family business has long-term focus

We have been a family business since 1966 and one thing that most entrepreneurial families have in common - ours too - is a long-term focus. Anyone who sets up a business for the future has a different point of view to colleagues with listed companies, who tend to have short-term goals. That’s why Corporate Social Responsibility could be found in our genes long before anyone had heard of the abbreviation ‘CSR’. In fact, we’ve been writing it up in a separate CSR report since 2008.

We have always cared for people. How could it be otherwise in a company whose services are primarily provided by people? We are convinced that a company that is good for its people receives something in return: dedication, motivation, passion. We have the same feelings about the environment. Being a family business that values continuity, it is obvious that we should consider the conditions in which we work. And that’s even before we consider the fact that clients nowadays demand that their suppliers have adequate CSR policies, which means that Corporate Social Responsibility is something that sets our care for people, the environment and our society on a par with realistic profitability.