Facilicom goes CO2 neutral

Facilicom will be the first large corporation in the Netherlands to achieve the aim of being CO2 neutral by 2030. Here at Facilicom, we believe that, to practise what we preach, we must assume our corporate responsibility for social and sustainable matters. We laid down those ambitions in our Energy Policy Statement in the spring of 2017, based on the Trias Energetica, which allows the use of fossil fuels only in the last resort. Our aim is to use electricity, gas and heat generated by 100% sustainable means by 2030. Moreover, our company intends to generate and store much of that energy by means of a project that is to be executed with our own expertise. 

Budget neutrality achieved

The great thing about all these ambitious plans is that they can be achieved by budget neutral means, with a model we designed ourselves: Zero Budget Sustainability. It is one of the strong points in the strategy of our specialist company Facilicom Solutions Energy Management (FSE). We expect that Facilicom can cut back as much as 50% on its energy consumption by introducing some smart measures. The money saved will be used to make our energy supply greener and more sustainable over the next fifteen years.

The new site is to be launched very soon and will guide you through the whole process, step by step. Watch this site to keep up with this project and the most recent developments.